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Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning

Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning - Dumbo 11201

Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning

Get the perfect area rug cleaning with A and B Carpet Cleaners!

A and B Carpet Cleaners has come up with an exclusive area rug cleaning method that is great for cleaning and maintaining your rug. We have been in the cleaning field for 30 years. Our aim is to supersede our cleaning techniques every year. To start with, here are some exclusive rug cleaning processes we use:

Eco-Friendly Cleaning–Here we use all natural products to do the cleaning procedure. All green certified cleanings leave no side effect or chemical smell. A and B Carpet Cleaners are also the largest distributors of eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Try this DIY: Lemons have citric acid in them which can remove the stain, kill germs as well as add a fresh smell on the fabric.

Similarly, there are several other methods that can be applied. A and B Carpet Cleaners team will use the best effective method to leave you with a healthy environment. 

Safe Hand Dry Cleaning By Using Absorbent Compound–Dry cleaning involves using a unique powdery substance as an alternative to common solvents. The best part about this is that it is a quick method. We spread the Dry Cleaning Solution all over the area rug and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Once all the dirt is absorbed using a high powered, commercial vacuum cleaner, the powder is extracted out and then dry brushing is done to complete the procedure.

Deep Vacuuming–It is not like normal vacuuming. Special heads are attached to the cleaner and then it is used to give a deep vacuum with high pressure. All these heads and machines are of very high quality; hence, this will remove all dirt, germs and other unwanted particles from the rug without damaging the threads at all.

Soak Cleaning and Washing–Soaking is done to remove stains completely. There are appropriate solutions added and then very carefully, stains are removed and your rug gets a wash (safe for all area rugs fabrics). After this, it is dried properly. A and B Carpet Cleaners always follows the best and safest cleaning process.

Spray Treatment–Many times due to some factors, there can be a terrible odor in area rugs. The reasons can be:

a. Bacteria and fungus; b. Bugs, c. Pet odor, d. Seasonal change; e. Food or drink sticking to the rugs.

All these stains/odors are very unhygienic conditions that should be removed entirely by spraying natural solutions. With these methods, you can be sure that your rugs and home will have a clean environment.

There are few other things that set us apart from all other cleaners on the market:

We are the leading distributors of organic cleaning products in NY

We have experienced professionals with many years of experience

Our services include free delivery and pickup

We charge very affordable rates

To us, safe cleaning and customer satisfaction is our top most priority

So if you are planning to get your area rug treated, A and B Carpet Cleaners is always here. Contact us for the best cleaning now!