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Rug Repair

Rug Repair - Dumbo 11201

Rug Repair

Fix your area rugs and repair every nook with A and B Carpet Cleaners

If you are looking for the most professional services for area rug repair then you have landed on the perfect page, A and B Carpet Cleaners. Carpets and area rugs are very important in every household for the many purposes they serve. Usually rugs that are not maintained may result in the wear and tear of their material and may need to be repaired. As a result, there can be a lot of damage in area rugs.

However, with our professional team at A and B Carpet Cleaners, we can assure you that all these problems will seem to be nothing as we can easily handle the toughest of repair work. Here are some of the problems that usually arise in rugs and that we can repair:

Fading Of Color

Fringe Fraying

Backing Detaching

Loosening Of Threads and/or Binding

Tearing At Places

Bacterial Growth/Mildew/Mold

When something is used on a daily basis proper maintenance is much needed. With prolonged use the area rug color starts fading and it looks worn out, giving an old and dirty appearance. This can be treated with proper rug dyeing so that all the threads can gain back the original color. Moreover, this dyeing also helps as the threads get stronger and much more durable.

The second problem is also due to rigorous use. The threads and fibers of rugs tend to loosen over time. But then again, it can be corrected with us at A and B Carpet Cleaners. We are well experienced in this field to handle the loose threads and repair it with new bindings. 

We also provide cutting and organic latex repair to fix those tears on the rugs. If you have pets then they often tend to chew and scratch rug fibers which make them wear out easily. All these can be repaired in minimum time and price.

The next problem that requires proper attention and repairing is bacterial growth. This can happen for a lot of reasons like

Water or Fire damage

Damp Conditions

Dirt and Dust Stored

High Traffic Area

All these can cause a lot of health problems but A and B Carpet Cleaners has every solution for these issues too with all eco-friendly products. The perks of having natural products is that they do not leave any chemical smell at home and are perfectly free of any side effects.

Our others services at A and B Carpet Cleaners regarding area rug repair are: 


Patch Work

Hole Repair

Worn Out Areas


Oil Spills

Not only has the above reasoned but also there other particular reasons of why to choose A and B Carpet Cleaners:

Honest and hardworking staff with 30 years of experience. A and B Carpet Cleaners use newly developed cleaning techniques that are safety tested. We also provide pick-up and delivery for free. We offer free estimation. We ensure to deliver our work on time and believe in maintaining top notch customer relation.

A and B Carpet Cleaners is the leading distributor of eco-friendly cleaning solutions in New York in past 2 decades. So, call us today for a new looking area rug.