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Water and Fire Damage Repair

Water and Fire Damage Repair - Dumbo 11201

Water and Fire Damage Repair

A and B Carpet Cleaners: The leaders in the water and fire damage cleaning industry offering top notch service!

Water, the life for living creatures! Indeed it is, even for the bacteria, mildew, and molds that grow on your damp carpets or area rugs if they have suffered water or fire damage and are left untreated. Furthermore, these microbes can pollute the indoor air making it harmful and difficult to breathe.

Good news! The teat at A and B Carpet Cleaners can restore anything that has been damaged by water or fire and ensures a better air quality by preventing bacteria growth.

Addressing the problem: 

Well, as your area rug or the carpet has suffered water or fire damage, you must be planning to throw it out with a heavy heart, right? Trust us, you don't have to! You can call us immediately so that we treat the materials with correct restoration procedure and you get back your rug or carpet with improved quality.

De-clutter the area:

The first thing you should do once your carpets or rugs get exposed to water or fire damage is remove everything placed on it. Colors might bleed if the furniture is placed on them, staining the fibers. So, de-clutter the area.

Remove everything

The next thing you should do is remove the carpets and rugs from the flooded or soot area. However, don’t hang them because doing so would bring out the threads and fibers. Keep them safely in a dry area and call us at the earliest.

Foot traffic should be restricted

If you keep on stepping on the wet or soot rug or carpet, it will suffer more damage. The seams, fibers, and everything become vulnerable. So, foot traffic should be restricted.

Fact to remember: If you have wooden flooring, never dry the wet or soot rugs placing on those wood surfaces. They will bleed colors and stain the floor. Also, wooden floor can absorb all moisture and get damaged. 

Call the professionals, A and B Carpet Cleaners

Now, the most important thing is to call the experts. A and B Carpet Cleaners know the right procedure to handle such materials that have become vulnerable. We are extra careful always. Besides, we shall also offer you a clean rug or carpet that is safe to roll onto. 

Wait! What's the smell? What are those spots?

After a water or fire damage, these are some of the common changes you would experience at your place if the water is not extracted and deep cleaned, deodorized and sanitized.

You might get an odor.

A few days later, you will see yellowish, often blackish spots on your rug, carpets and even walls.

Those are mildew and molds! How come? Water and fire damage can promote mold growth that leads to unhealthy air quality and unhygienic surrounding if not treated in time.

No, your regular cleaning procedures are, sadly, not going to work out here. Rather, we have green certified cleaning solutions and sprays that you require to prevent mold growth.

What if other things around have got damaged?

We clean everything. Whether it’s your window covering or the upholstery, we can restore water and fire damage from everything proficiently.

A and B Carpet Cleaners for fire damage:

At A and B Carpet Cleaners, we have complete restoration program for water or fire damage as well. We strive to be the one-stop cleaning and restoration services for everyone in New York. Let us serve you today.  

Call our friendly customer support specialists and let us help you get over this disaster without breaking budget!