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Eco Friendly Cleaning

Eco Friendly Cleaning - Dumbo 11201

Eco Friendly Cleaning

Get complete eco-friendly cleaning with A and B Carpet Cleaners

Is your home looking unhealthy? Every time you walk in and feel unhappy? Scientifically it is proved that people who live in an unclean house are more prone to disturbed mind and tired body. This is why A and B Carpet Cleaners are here with amazing eco-friendly cleaning procedures that will keep the house environment clean and fresh.

There are certain things in the house that require proper dusting and cleaning with eco-friendly solutions, like

Area Rugs and Carpets

We use 100% eco-friendly products to help you get rid of these dust, dirt, and allergen problems on your rugs and carpets.

Upholstered furniture

It is important to clean furniture, but as these fabrics are attached, you just cannot rip them and clean. There are specific eco-friendly solutions which can be very beneficial for a deep cleaning of upholstery giving it a new appearance again.

[Note: Our deep cleaning procedure using eco-friendly cleaning products remove dirt and allergens from the deepest layers of upholstery fibers.]

Bed sheet, linens and mattress

It is important that anyone should clean the bed sheets and mattresses thoroughly and we provide you with this service which gets performed with deep cleaning method and very high-pressure equipment. A and B Carpet Cleaners use the best way to do this by eco-friendly cleaning as it will not have any side effect on your health; rather cleanse the air indoors.

Window treatments

Window blinds and shades can accumulate a lot of dust which one cannot get over easily. A and B Carpet Cleaners have come up with high steam wash techniques that will remove all the dirt and dust from them.

All our procedures are for the sustainability of the environment.

Removing pet fur, odor and dander

Pets are undoubtedly very cute, but they can stain carpets, rugs, mats; leave fur everywhere and make the house smell. You can avoid all of these very quickly and remove all the unwanted fur on the carpet. All you need to do is just contact us, and we will solve all these carpet cleaning trouble with an eco-friendly solution.

We do eco-friendly cleaning for all: Wall to Wall Carpets, Area Rugs, Upholstery, Furniture, Beds, Drapes and Curtains.

With all these benefits and more like a free pick and delivery; free price estimation, the very competitive rate for cleaning; professional and experienced team; being distributors of eco-friendly solutions for maintenance, A and B Carpet Cleaners are your one stop solution for both residential as well as office cleaning. So give us a call now and let's discuss your cleaning needs!