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Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment - Dumbo 11201

Bed Bug Treatment

Free your house from bugs with bed bug treatment of A and B Carpet Cleaners

Are the ‘bugs’ bugging you a lot and not letting you have a sound sleep? Then wait no more and contact A and B Carpet Cleaners for an experienced bed bug treatment. The actual problem that happens is that small insects start growing inside the fibers of your mattresses or upholstery if proper cleaning is not done. This makes sleeping on the bed very uncomfortable and unhealthy.

The results of these bugs are allergies and skin infections. If it is not controlled in time, this can lead to some serious health trouble. Here are some of the problems caused by bugs at home:

It is very harmful to babies:

When it comes to babies, you should be extra careful. Regular maintenance is imperative so that they don’t get prone to any allergies and infections. The way they bite is by making the area numb with their saliva and then sucking blood.

Bugs spread very easily:

It might start with the mattress but can quickly spread all over the house. The bugs then move to carpets, sofa, furniture, etc. This is why; one should always opt for expert treatment.

If professionals don’t treat the problem, there are high chances that the bugs will not be removed properly as they can sustain broad temperature range, from freezing point to 122 degrees.

Bacterial growth:

Another problem is that if something drops on the mattress, the area gets wet. Later it can cause bacterial growth and then it will be a hub of causing allergies as well as other infections. Bacteria can form the breeding ground for bed bugs.

However, all these can be avoided and stopped with the following attention provided by A and B Carpet Cleaners with our bed bug treatment:

Immediate attention is given:

The reason for this is that without proper attention, bugs can grow very fast. For example 1 bug can lay 10 eggs per day and can ruin the mattress. Moreover, as bed bugs spread quite rapidly, so only we, being professionals, know the best method to detect them and make your house bug free.

Usage of green certified solutions:

As the process of maintaining and cleaning of the mattresses, area rugs and carpets are done with eco-friendly solutions; there is no chance of having any allergic reaction. That means we will remove the bugs without bringing any further harm to you.  

A fresh environment:

We make sure that not only proper bug treatment is done, but the rest of the areas are also made germ-free. Using the green products, we cleanse the air and make it easy to breathe. So, if anyone at your home has respiratory issues, it can be brought under control. Moreover, Bed bugs are parasites which mean, they live on the blood of humans. This, in turn, can cause extreme itchiness, pain and in certain cases, can also transmit diseases. So, removing them and taking proper precautions on a regular basis is important.

*Quick tip: Never itch too much on the bite; it can leave scratches as the area gets sensitive and delicate.

Proper attention to every fiber entity

Bugs are never limited to mattresses, sofas, and carpets; they can grow on drapes and curtains too. So, our team of cleaners concentrates on all fabric material products and treats them with absolute care. This way, the house can have a complete bug and allergy free surrounding.

At A and B Carpet Cleaners, you will get the complete solution to bed bug problems. When you can achieve all these, then why wait anymore? Get your house bug-free today with us!

We do bed bug cleaning for all: Wall to Wall Carpets, Area Rugs, Upholstery, Furniture, Beds, Drapes and Curtains.